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tiNi Toy


There are too many types of children's toys in Vietnam, especially assembled toys. But most of them are imported foreign toys. So is there any chance for toys Made in Vietnam?

​Idea - Concept


A child’s ‘play-time dreams’ often develop into life ambitions; that build into adult achievements. TiniToy’s Packaging will inspire parents to dare to build dreams.

This will be the first Vietnamese toy who can beat Chinese toy.


Client: NKid Corp

Concept: Building Dream

Company: Wildfire Brand Consultancy

Creative Chef: Anthony Chew

Designer: Anthony Chew, Tai Nguyen, Evie Le

D.I + F.A Artist: Evie Le





The manufacturer's shooting photos are often not used immediately, but must be edited. Kids on the box we will use shutterstock because brand don't have the budget to shoot a lot of photos, so it will be more difficult because the kids will probably not be similar in age or skin color.

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