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C2 Overheat Packaging


For this year, C2 Platform is Overheating, which means C2 helps their consumers to cool, calm and connect after a socially overheated moment.  With the key target audience is Gen Z, our TVC Core is developed with a cool, young & fun mood & tone.  We believe that this thematic concept should also be delivered on the pack 6 design, to ensure the consistency of brand communication.




Option 1: Chill Expresser

Overheating splits people apart. Coolness brings people together.

Inspired from the social media filter/sticker. We create a graphic decoration on the portrait of Gen-Z. Represents wherever on overheated situation, with C2 we help our consumer to be cool & calm. The background visual have a hint of fire that represent overheating. The decorative graphic element represent cool,calm and refreshing from C2.

Initiative digital engagement idea: We can create Chill AR sticker set on tiktok or instagram story with #Sao Phai Gat? to turn the pack to be more fun and interactive. The packaging can be like a portal that leads consumer to customize their chill expression look by scanning at QR code.




Option 2: Stayin’ Cool With C2

The person who has C2 in hand will remain calm in the most chaotic overheating situations.

We create a contrast visual pattern inside and outside the C2 bottle shape. Outside is an illustration of GenZ character in overheated situations. Inside  the C2 bottle shape illustrated different character of GenZ, stay calm inside the C2 bottle shape. Moreover, the visual also represents how the C2 connected people together even in the chaos situations.





Design Lead: Oph

​Idea and execution: Evie

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