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Happy Lunar New Year 20+21

Idea - Concept


Combine lucky money with the slogan Let's mix and mask. Lucky money is a typical symbol of Lunar New Year, when family members exchange money packages to send good wishes to their family in the new year. Good start of the year make us a good year. The gift box is like wishing a lucky year to everyone.


The difficulty at the beginning of this project was how to separate the 20 purchased masks and the 21 bundled masks. We want to show the meaning it's not just celebrate New Year 2021, it’s also the promotion Buy 20 get 21 free. Because if you put it all in one big box, in the end customers won't remember anything except buying a bunch of masks at a discount price.

Our solution is to divide into 2 boxes, one showing the 20 and the other showing the 21. They will be sticked by a large of paper on the back, with this simple design we solved the problem and saved quite a lot of production costs.


Company: Amore Pacific Vietnam

Brand: innisfree

Campaign: Happy Lunar New Year 2021 - Buy 20 get 21 free

Idea Direction: Dung Nguyen Hoang

Art Director + Designer: Evie Le

Illustration: Amore Pacific Korean

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