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About Evie

Independent designer based in Vietnam with 5 years of experience in the industry. A designing specialist with 3 years of Branding, 2 years of Advertising.

From concept to completion, the commitment to innovation and new ideas is demonstrated through the creation of visually striking and distinctive products.

Possessing the necessary skills enables the achievement of the objective to deliver creative solutions that enhance brand recognition and, most importantly, brand awareness. Standout qualities such as the ability to provide the best possible customer experience and a deep understanding of business practices set one apart in the market


Why me?


Passionate about creating highly creative and practical design products with strong aesthetic sense. Consistently giving maximum effort has developed my capabilities. With the desired skills and experience, I confidently contribute to team growth. Self-motivated, I exceed expectations with high-quality work. As a fast learner, I quickly grasp project-related knowledge.



2017 -2019

Advance Diploma of Multimedia
Arena Multimedia

Graphic Design
Web & Digital Design
Filmmaking & Game Design
3D Animation

2022 -2023

Foundations of UX Design
Start the UX Design Process

Build Wireframes and Low-Fidelity Prototypes

Conduct UX Research and Test Early Concepts


UI / UX Design Specialization

California Institute of the Arts


Asian Student Packaging Contest 2017 - Merit Award

1 of 20 works on display at Japan gallery.


2022.03 - Present

Leo Burnett

• Techcombank Re-Branding: Worked with Creative Director and Design Group Head for Techcombank Re-Branding (brand identity, brand story and brand merchandise). Involved in idea brand storm, design thinking and execution. Able to handle every detailed work of brand (brand's format guideline, campaign key visual demo, logo motion...)

• Heineken Billboard: Created creative direction for Heineken Billboard advertising campaign. Presented idea concepts directly to Design Group Head and Creative Director.

• Nescafe Gold: Developed concepts and designs for Nescafe Gold campaign, including packaging, key visual, POSM. Time management for 2-3 projects from the first stage to the FA stage.

• Samsung Galaxy Gift: Collaborated with Satchi&Satchi team to redesign Samsung Galaxy Gift App UX/UI. Understanding the experience of users and ensure client satisfaction and successful campaign execution.

• Samsung A: Layout conceptualized and executed for Samsung A key visuals and social media across multiple platforms.

• Nescafe Plan: Collaborated with Publicis Agency to design Nescafe Sustainability logo base on their Nescafe Plan campaign. Ability to work effectively with different teams.

• Glucerna Double Impact: Worked with Copywriter for Glucerna Double Impact campaign. Developed idea thinking and visual cue.

• Mentored and instructed 2 Intern Designers, 3 Junior Accounts. Delegated tasks and optimized them work productivity.

2020.03 - 2022.03


• Experience in designing landing page and app for PC and mobile. An understanding of layout, typography and visual hierarchy in user interface.

• innisfree Shopee, Lazada: Produced both eCommerce and non-eCommerce creative layout and content in innisfree local campaign.

• Promotion campaign: Involved in trade marketing plans to design effective promotion campaigns.

• Local campaign: Idea creation, execution for key visuals, printed elements, gif animations, videos, websites, social media channels to promote product brands.

• Shooting: Participated in shooting for new products, livestreams, some local campaign TVC, tiktok videos. Worked with marketing team to create content and provide solutions during the shoot.

• Recruited, interviewed new members, trained Intern Designer who doesn't have design base. Helped her from zero in design to be Junior Designer in less than 1 year.

2019.05 - 2022.03

Bonsey Jaden

• AHC EFF: Developed concepts and designs with Art Director for AHC Eye Cream For Face x Elle Magazine campaign. Executed master key visual to POSM final artwork.

• Cetaphil x Midu: Participated in shooting for Cetaphil x Midu TVC.

• Promotion campaign: Designed key visuals, printed elements, gif animations, videos, social media channels to promote product brands (AHC, Cetaphil).

2018.05 - 2019.05

Wildfire Brand Consultancy

• tiniToy: Created creative images and DI toys for tiniToy. Participated in toys shooting. With Creative Director to provide solutions during shoot. Handled 16 FA packagings.

• Developed concepts and designs for Oat-ta cereal, Nuti Bird's Nest, Monte Snack including idea concept for master packaging and variant adaptations.

• Worked in DI and FA stage of Delta Coco coconut drinks and coconut milk, X-Men shampoo and shower, Thuan Phat fish sauce, Bavi yogust, L-amant Cafe, Tastee Pie, Yen Viet porridge.

2018.01 - 2018.05

Happy Skin

• Promotion campaign: Idea created and designed for key visuals, printed elements, social media channels to promote product brands (Nots, Emmie by Happy Skin...)

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