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​Innirang Game


innisfree - Natural benefits from Jeju island.





Innirang is a fictional character of innisfree, which in Korean is a horse. Use a symbolic character to build a mini game can play on your phone. Every day customers will come in to feed Innirang to receive bonus points, from the bonus points can be used to buy innisfree's products, hunt for gifts in the game.


The first time the game production team did not have much experience with a lot of ideas built in meetings. There are not many companies that make simple games in Vietnam and they have to edit a lot in the production process.


Get inspired, observe ideas from the world famous treasure-finding and gold-digging games to bring players the most authentic and comfortable feeling. The images drawn in the game are images from the famous jeju island of Korea.


Company: Amore Pacific Vietnam

Art Director: Evie Le

UX/UI and motion: Evie Le

Content: Anh Do

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